"Let your light so shine among men
that they see your good works
  and glorify your Father in heaven."  
Matthew 5:16

"Having help at her house gave her hope.  She was so overwhelmed because of all that there was to do" (a local case manager regarding a client that he referred for help).


Our Purpose & Mission
CommunityWorx exists to bring glory to God through our Mission, which is to organize volunteers to help local (Blount County, TN.) agencies and their families with needs.  We accomplish this Mission through six programs that have been developed to target needs in the community, including the following:

Our History
CommunityWorx applied for incorporation with the State of TN February, 2017, and applied for Non-profit status February, 2018.  We were approved as a Non-proft agency in April, 2018.

But our roots run much deeper than 2017…

Planners for CommunityWorx have been involved in coordinating local mission work in Blount County, TN, for almost 15 years.  Several of them helped start ROC (Reaching Our Community) at First Baptist Maryville in 2004, which included a home repair ministry, a furniture ministry, volunteer work days, a Christmas program, and a community closet for local families in need.  In 2011, planners also worked with Global Women of Blount County to plan a community-wide volunteer workday involving volunteers from multiple churches to help local agencies and families with needs.  For the next several years, planners coordinated community-wide work days through Operation In As Much.  In 2013, coordinators joined John 316 Outreach to help with coordinating their existing programs (home repair and furniture) and also developed additional programs (a community closet, a firewood ministry, community workdays, and a Christmas program (ChristmasWishes).  In 2017, planners started CommunityWorx which at the time included the Volunteer Workdays, the Closet, ChristmasWishes, and the Pray-ers Programs.  In the fall of 2018, the Firewood and Gap Programs were added to the services offered to Blount County families in need.  
Our Board of Directors      Our Program Director and Coordinators


​1. CommunityWorx Volunteer Workdays Volunteer workdays with a variety of tasks so that EVERYONE can find a place to serve.  Typically scheduled in the Spring.
4. Firewood
Firewood for local families in need whose primary source of heat is wood burning.

​​5. Gap
Assistance for local families with needs that are not covered by other local agencies.
2. CommunityWorx Closet
Hygiene and cleaning supplies, household goods, etc. for local agencies' families in need
​6.   ChristmasWishes
Gifts and a party for local children in need.
3. CommunityWorx Pray-ers
Weekly prayer list for clients' and volunteers' prayer requests
  • Randy Shults, President
  • Kim Antonio, Vice-President
  • Gary Chandler, Treasurer
  • Susan Inman, Secretary
  • Carol Lucas
  • Silvia Roca
  • Kent Vaught
  • Carol Lucas (Volunteer Executive Director, Volunteer Workdays & ChristmasWishes Coordinator), 865-268-9822
  • Gary & Wanda Springsdorf (Closet, Gap, and Pray-ers Coordinators), 865-268-9823
  • Mike Dunn & Carolyn Grider (Firewood Coordinators)
  • Emily Byrd & Brenda Brown (Fundraising/Bazaar Coordinators)